Your Voice, Your Power

The Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Commission (LACCRC) invites you to a

Council District 15 Community Public Hearing

Join us for an important meeting about “redistricting.” The purpose of redistricting is to redraw the maps that impact your community and to ensure you have the power to determine fair and inclusive representation in your council district.

And we need your help. Participating in the redistricting process can be just as important as voting. We need to hear from you to learn more about your community - its schools, its churches, its parks, and its people. Come learn and take action so that your neighborhood gets treated fairly and gets the resources it needs and deserves.

To attend or participate virtually:

To listen only:

Call 1-669-254-5252, enter 161 545 4787#

To submit written comments:

Upcoming Dates & Times

November 2021