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South LA Decides Initiative 2021

Voting Results

South LA Decides is how Best Start Region 2 will expand grant making decisions to the residents of South LA and Compton. ​ Between February 25 - March 4, 2021, residents voted on community issues they want to prioritize for 2021. Below are the issues that residents voted on, residents selected two priorities each.

After the community voting on the Community priorities, SOUTH LA DECIDES Community-Based Grant Making Initiative will support the planning and implementation of projects focused on identifying and taking strategic actions to create policy solutions and/or improve systems of services around:

Employment & Fair Wages
Early Childhood Education
Food Insecurity to improve the lives of children prenatal - 5 and their families.

Below a breakdown of Best Start Region 2 Communities Priorities voting results.

Employment & Fair Wages

331 votes 60%

The state of the labor market is, quite frankly, a humanitarian and civic crisis. Today, the average South Los Angeles worker who is employed full time earns about 60 cents on the dollar compared to those in LA County. (source: LA Progressive)

Early Childhood Education

270 votes 49%

Children in South LA neighborhoods continue to be undereducated while children in wealthier neighborhoods of LA County excel. The disparities that persist in preschool enrollment and proficiency in elementary school surface as important in determining job readiness and future earnings. (source: LA Progressive).

Food Insecurity

252 votes 45%

Many residents of South LA have to travel beyond their communities to access fresh fruits and vegetables and struggle to maintain a healthy diet for their families, impacting their overall health (source: Los Angeles Food Policy Council).

Digital Divide

150 votes 27%

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many students of color and their families in South LA have had difficulty accessing free or low-cost internet service, and don’t have enough digital devices to support the families’ needs, affecting students’ education and parents’ work. If Wi-Fi does exist there is a strain on the negative impacts of academics, professional development, job seekers, students, and even medical services that require internet (source: USC Annenberg).

Maternal & Infant Health

122 votes 22%

In Los Angeles County, black infants die at three times the rate observed for other races before they reach their first birthday. Notably, college-educated African American mothers nationwide face higher rates of infant mortality, at 5.7 per 1,000 live births, than whites with only high school educations, at 4.2 infant deaths per 1,000 (source: First 5 LA).

Voter Demographics


Lowest Age
Average Age
Highest Age

Race/Ethnicity - 241


Gender - 251



The information above was last updated on March 5, 2021.

For more information about the Community, priorities click here. You will find a voter guide, frequently asked questions on voting and research references. If you have further questions contact

Best Start Region 2 Community Outreach

By where CHC and Regional Task Force Outreached through Paper Ballots & Phone Banking (total 453 votes collected through outreach other outreach 102)

West Athens
Compton/East Compton

Geographic Distribution of Votes

Top 5 Zip Codes

  1. 90044
  2. 90002
  3. 90047
  4. 90220
  5. 90059

By Voter Residence (Total 555)

West Athens
Compton/East Compton


SOUTH LA DECIDES – Community-Based Grant Making Initiative will support the planning and implementation of projects focused on identifying and taking strategic actions to create policy solutions and/or improve systems of services.

Project examples:

  • Creating new agreements and processes between local clinics to provide enhanced services to pregnant mothers.
  • Working with City Council to create policies that use existing resources (vacant homes, motels, etc.) to provide housing for homeless families.
  • Working with school districts to ensure every child receives school lunch regardless of ability to pay.
  • Working with City Council to pass policies that reduce the unemployment rate for young men 18-30 years old.
  • Working with telecommunication providers to make Internet connectivity more affordable or free for families.
  • Bringing together multiple local health programs to improve and align their services helping them to create a system that provides better maternity care.
  • Working with local restaurants to offer healthier, yet affordable food on their menus.


Funds from the Community Change Fund Initiative will not be used to fund capital projects, or capital improvement projects. A total of up to $800,000 will be awarded. Awards will be made for a 12-month period (anticipated: May 1, 2021 – April 30, 2022). Work under this program must take place in one or more of the 4 Best Start Region 2 geographies. Funds awarded are intended to support work on priority issues that benefit residents and stakeholders of Best Start Region 2 and are not for individual or personal use. CHC encourages applications from a spectrum of organizations, community groups, and/or coalitions.