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Parenting Tips: Fathers

Dads matter! Being a dad is an important responsibility. Active and present fathers have a positive effect on a child’s growth, development, and success in life. Below are a few tips to get you started:

1. Exercise and eat with your kids. Get moving. Taking a brisk walk when you are tired raises energy levels. Teach your children about the importance of eating healthy foods, make it fun!

2. Join a Dads Group. Every parent, regardless of his or her situation, will go through times of struggles and it's okay to ask for help. Consider joining a dads group. For example, Bridges to Fatherhood is a support group project from Best Start Watts / Willowbrook. Click here to learn more.

3. It’s never too soon to get comfortable with babies. Spend an afternoon with a friend or family member and his baby before your child is born. The experience can help you be confident enough to focus on getting to know your newborn—starting in the delivery room.

4. Dance with your child. Young children love music and love to dance. Even when your baby is just a few months old you can start having dance parties!

5. Spend time with your baby to develop a bond between the two of you. The time you devote to her will show her from the beginning that she can count on you. Some ideas include reading your favorite magazine to her or singing a calming song before her nap.

6. Are you a young parent? Sometimes parenthood arrives sooner than expected. Just because you’re a young father doesn’t mean you can’t be a great one. There are resources to help you learn more about parenthood and become a better father.

For more parenting tips and resources for fathers, click here to be redirected to the First 5 LA Website.