How to Save on Food Without Compromising Quality

One of the most expensive necessities in life is food. Our monthly grocery bills, especially for families with growing children, can add up to more than $700 monthly. While we all want nutritious, quality food to nourish our bodies to stay healthy, some of us compromise because we think we can’t buy quality food on […]

How Is California Addressing Food Insecurity?

While the United States is dependent on California for producing almost 50% of the nation’s fruits and vegetables, food insecurity is a prevalent issue for vulnerable populations who reside in the state. 1 in 5 Californians or approximately 8 million people lack access to nutritionally adequate food necessary to live a healthy life on an […]

Mindful Ways to Reduce Children’s Stress and Anxiety at School

Summer is winding down, and students have already swung open their school doors, anxious for another year of learning. Acclimating to new schedules, teachers, and classmates can induce stress and anxiety for kids. So how can parents identify signs of stress in their children and find mindful ways to introduce calm coping mechanisms that will […]

Why it’s Important to Support Your Local Community and 5 Ways to Get Involved

The term “community satisfaction” refers to people’s perspective on how their community supports and contributes to their well-being. In other words, how connected we feel to the place we call home directly affects our happiness.  Healthy, thriving communities are measured by many factors, including cleanliness, businesses, parks and recreation, events, education, entertainment, and much more.  […]

In Demand Jobs in Southern California

While it might feel like finding a job in Los Angeles with great pay, benefits, and perks is like finding a needle in an (online) haystack, a July 2022 job report indicates that the U.S. workforce has returned to pre-COVID-19 numbers. As companies adapt and expand to a new normal prioritizing diversity and inclusion and […]

Why We Need to Provide Wellness and Parenting Resources to Black Women of Los Angeles

Families across the country are tightening their belts as high inflation is putting new strains on the cost of everyday essentials such as food, gas, rent and utilities, and medical care, which has risen by 8.5% since 2021. This means cutting back on critical doctor’s visits, prescription medication, and preventative care for the medically vulnerable.   […]

Four Mindful Tips for Getting Kids Into Their Back-to-School Routine

August is already here and the sun is beginning to set on this year’s lazy days of summer. Teachers are setting up their classrooms while parents are juggling neverending lists of back-to-school materials to buy and paperwork to read to prepare their kids for the new school year ahead. After months of free and flexible […]

Celebrate Family Fun Month by Volunteering in Los Angeles

While there is no shortage of summertime activities that families can partake in to celebrate National Family Fun Month in August, volunteering provides a unique opportunity to spend quality time together while enriching your and your children’s lives by serving others.  Volunteering teaches both kids and adults valuable lessons about working as a team and […]

Is Digital Equity Attainable in K–12 Education?

From the continued need for access to the requirements for meaningful integration, four experts shared their thoughts on digital equity’s challenges and its future in our nation’s schools. By Rebecca Torchia Families throughout the nation faced digital inequities before the pandemic became a factor in the spring of 2020. However, with the shift to remote […]

Interactive Flat Panels a Key Tool for Teacher-Driven Learning

Modern interactive flat-panel displays support pedagogy and digital equity, while getting students physically involved in their education. By Tommy Peterson The difference was immediate. After rolling out Promethean ActivPanel interactive whiteboards and document cameras in 600 of the classrooms at Albemarle County Public Schools, teachers reported an increased excitement for learning. This is exactly why the district’s implementation team […]