Is Digital Equity Attainable in K–12 Education?

From the continued need for access to the requirements for meaningful integration, four experts shared their thoughts on digital equity’s challenges and its future in our nation’s schools. By Rebecca Torchia Families throughout the nation faced digital inequities before the pandemic became a factor in the spring of 2020. However, with the shift to remote […]

Interactive Flat Panels a Key Tool for Teacher-Driven Learning

Modern interactive flat-panel displays support pedagogy and digital equity, while getting students physically involved in their education. By Tommy Peterson The difference was immediate. After rolling out Promethean ActivPanel interactive whiteboards and document cameras in 600 of the classrooms at Albemarle County Public Schools, teachers reported an increased excitement for learning. This is exactly why the district’s implementation team […]

We Need to Make Schools Human Again. That Means Treating Teachers With Respect.

By Jennifer Yoo-Brannon  The first thing I noticed when we returned to school after remote learning was that my conversations with teachers got real deep real fast. As an instructional coach, the most important role I have is as a listener. The best part of my job is bearing witness to the deep self-reflection that leads […]

Rising Covid-19 numbers among youth in California state detention centers

BETTY MÁRQUEZ ROSALES The number of active Covid-19 cases among young people incarcerated at state detention facilities has risen sharply in the last week — jumping from under 50 cases to 135, according to the Division of Juvenile Justice. This means that 42% of all Covid-19 infections among youth since the pandemic started are currently active cases. […]

Teaching Must Get More Flexible Before It Falls Apart

By Simon Rodberg  The Great Renegotiation is coming for schools. According to national data, schools are not facing greater teacher vacancies this year than in years past. But if you’re reading this article—if you’re engaged enough in education to be reading EdSurge—you probably don’t believe that data. And for good reason. Teachers report being more stressed as the pandemic goes […]

California lawmakers may stop tying K-12 schools’ funding to daily attendance

BY MACKENZIE MAYS SACRAMENTO —  After decades of linking K-12 school funding to daily student attendance, California lawmakers are poised to consider abolishing that standard, choosing instead a new method that could provide a significant boost to big districts such as Los Angeles Unified. State Sen. Anthony Portantino (D–La Cañada Flintridge) will introduce legislation on Monday that […]

Redesigning education for post-pandemic success

By Martha and Dustin Jez, Co-Founders, Fair Chance Learning Here are three keys to effective digital transformation in schools and classrooms (Editor’s note: This article is the first in a three-part series about how school systems can build on the progress and leverage the investments they’ve made in technology during the pandemic to achieve true […]

The K-12 Cybersecurity Act Of 2021 and The State of Cyber Crime in Education

By Aniqah Majid The number of reported cyber incidents in K-12 schools and districts in the U.S. stands at 1180. Covid-19 and the introduction of remote and hybrid learning have only made cybercrime more frequent and sophisticated in the education sector. In the past 30 days, Microsoft Security Intelligence has seen 8,253,516 devices in the education industry encounter malware, making […]

Kids Use Play To Communicate. Here’s Why Adults Need To Pay Attention.

By Danny Joe LaBrecque  Throughout my 20 years in the field of early childhood development, in the classroom and as a kids’ show host, I have observed that a young child in focused, self-guided, open-ended play is like a lucid dreamer. Consider how our subconscious processes the experiences of our daily lives during our dream cycles. When adults […]